The Prospect Historical Society is a non-profit organization whose “purpose is the  preservation and restoration of the history of our village of Prospect, Virginia, including but  not limited to acquiring, renovating and maintaining the old historic railroad depot located in  Prospect.” The group was formed in 1998.   One of the first endeavors was to preserve and restore the historic Prospect Railway  Depot.  Four Virginia Department of Transportation Enhancement Grants have been  awarded to the society, as well as a Southside Economic Development Grant from the  Tobacco Commission. Architectural plans are being reviewed by the Virginia Department of  Transportation, the Department of Historic Preservation, and the Department of  Conservation and Recreation. Requests for proposals for actual rehabilitation construction  should be issued in the coming months with a projected completion date in late 2013.  The Society has also acquired the old offices of physician Joseph Alsop and of attorney  James V. Lewis and the old post office.  To help fund these preservation projects the  society sponsors an annual Election Day Stew.  The group also has available PVA stickers  and Historic Prospect items, which include matted prints, boxed note cards, canvas tote  bags, cotton tee-shirts and cotton sweatshirts featuring the collage of six historic structures  that are now or were in the village.   
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Historic Prospect

The Depot sketch is among those available through Historic Prospect sketches, which are pen and ink renderings by professional illustrator Pat Cully of Richmond. Featured sketches are of the Prospect Depot, the old post office and law office of James V. Lewis, the E. S. Taylor & Sons store, the Prospect High School, the three handsome mansions, and the Allen Hotel.
The Prospect Historical Society meets the first Tuesday of every month at 7:30 p. m. in the Prospect firehouse unless otherwise announced.